School and Community Consultation and Training

Imagine your capacity Counseling and Consulting, LLC provides consultative services for teachers, classrooms and/or individual students depending on the needs of your district/agency and the students you serve. At ICC, our work is rooted in nervous system informed approaches to uncover unmet needs of the individual and collaborate with the adults around them to provide safety and connection.

Services Provided:

• Consultation to Preschools, Head Start, and School Districts

• Yoga and Mindfulness (classes, training)

• Support for anxiety management and emotional regulation

• Support for mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders, such as trauma, ADHD, Anxiety, OCD, and Autism

• Support in conducting trauma informed and neuro-affirming functional behavior assessments/creating positive support plans

• Educational Assessments

Evidenced Based Treatment Methods Utilized:

• Antecedent-based strategies

• Functional Behavior Assessments

• Interoception

• Mindfulness

• Nervous System Based Approaches

• Relaxation Techniques

• Self-Management

• Social Narratives

• Task Analysis

• Video Modeling

• Visual Supports