Welcome to Imagine a Child's Capacity

Imagine a Child's Capacity is ICC is a program of Family Service Madison. We are a nonprofit organization that imagines the capacity of a child with diverse support needs when parents, teachers, peers and the community have a wide array of tools to support that child reaching his or her fullest potential.

Why is there an ICC?

Throughout our community and the country, the rates of children with special needs are skyrocketing. Systems are being overwhelmed. Budgets are over-extended. Individuals are falling through the cracks. Families are struggling with the unique challenges and opportunities of having an individual with disabilities. In order for all individuals with developmental disabilities to have the opportunities they deserve, every facet of our community – government, schools, doctors, families, and community organizations – needs to find creative and effective ways to help support them.

Our Programs

Our approach is family-focused – that is, we believe that families can provide the best care for their children and should be empowered to reclaim both quality of life and hope for the future.

Our programs, therefore, start with the needs of the family. We believe in the importance of building relationships. Our staff consists of highly-skilled and experienced mental health therapists, movement therapists, occupational therapists, behavioral and educational specialists.

Our Mission

ICC is a program of Family Service Madison, a non-profit agency.

At ICC we imagine the capacity of an individual with a disability when parents, teachers, classmates, support staff and the community have a wide and diverse range of tools to support the person in reaching his or her fullest potential.